Philosophy and Mission

Healing Through Elements is an organization of dedicated and experienced spiritual workers, who seek to bring awareness and help people heal, through our unique and dedicated wholistic methodology. We believe that in order for healing to be successful and effective, all parts of the Self must be addressed. Not only the physical body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to ourselves; when one of these parts of ourself is ailing, the effects of that imbalance is felt on all levels - as how depression results in physical aches and pains, for instance.

While modern science teaches us that the universe is made up of hundreds of elements, the shaman medicine men/women, ancestors and grandfathers believed that all existence and creation is largely a part of four principle Elemental Energies, held in balance and given life by Spirit. These Elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The ancient Greek philosophers called Spirit the 'Fifth Element' of Aether or Quintessence, identifying it as the rarified essence that sustained the Gods, and moved the heavenly bodies they could see in the sky. In quantum physics and integrated medicines the sacred life force energy is called the 'Bliss' state. It is in this state that miraculous healing can take place. For example, an individual whom is about to die suddenly overnight is cured of their disease. The Bliss state is that state of your highest purest consciousness and when activated can manifest miracles in this 3D earth plane when activated. In modern spiritual philosophy, we would also identify it as our own animating spirit, and as that which animates all living things. These Classical Elements are not a denial of modern science; rather, they are a system for spiritually understanding the universe, and how energy moves through it - and us.

Every living thing is a unique balance of the Four Elements; moreover, each of us has our own particular balance of those Elements within us that shape and define us. Some of us are more fiery, while others are more grounded, for instance. However, through experiencing the ups and downs that life brings us, our own natural balance can easily be thrown off.

Through working with the Elements, it is possible to restore our own Elemental balance and feel more centred & whole, vital and content. We offer a wide range of treatments in-house, as well as Elemental products that can be used by themselves or in conjunction with each other to craft an endless variety of combinations to work with any need.

We offer the process of simple, effective ritual combined with proven aromatherapeutic results, provided by handmade Canadian spiritual products. Here you will find healing through Water - with baths, body washes, emotional healing and more. Healing through Fire, with time honoured candle magic techniques, spiritual action & connectivity. Healing through Air - the power of aromatherapy, meditation, fresh starts, incense and fumigation. Lastly, of course, healing through Earth - tending to the health of the body, physical change, closure & understanding of our own personal cycles.

It is our mission to aid others, giving people the knowledge, wisdom and guidance in this field so they can acquire the tools they need to transform and improve the quality of their lives on all levels.